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m88 then it was John Wetton and Geoff Downes turn to highlight their skills. The original members, including John Wetton (bassist/vocalist),Carl Palmer(drummer), Geoff Downes (keyboardist), and Steve Howe(guitarist) left their successful British groups, Yes, Emerson Lake Palmer, King Crimson, and The Buggles, respectively.

Set List:

Only Time Will Tell

Wildest Dreams

Face on the Bridge

Time Again

Steve Howe acoustic guitar pieces

Don’t Cry

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Cutting It Fine

Geoffrey Downes keyboard solo

Carl Palmer drum solo

An Extraordinary Life

Holy War

Open Your Eyes


Heat of the Moment

ASIA Concert At Chumash Casino Resort

Highlights Immense Musical Talents of Band Members

L. The band members then all returned to the stage for a spirited three song final set, finishing with an intense jam on “Open Your Eyes”. But those brilliant moments make Asia a band worth seeing on their XXX tour.. Asia is a live music conundrum with four brilliant progressive rock music musicians offering up some lightweight pop music hits, interspersed with brilliant moments of jam rock musicianship. The duet played a series of mostly soft rock ballads, punctuated by some brilliant keyboard work by Downes. The band took the stage an blazed through four rock drenched songs, leading into a long solo by guitar master Steve Howe. As usual, the resort presented an awesome production using their massive in house sound system, (some in the back of the venue were actually complaining that the concert was too loud, although most found the booming sound inspiring). Fans rushed the stage for the bands encore, “Heat of The Moment”, which had the audience participating in a sing along. Then it was time for an extended drum solo by Carl Palmer, one of England’s most talented rock drummers of all time. But many other 70′s music fans were in attendance hoping to hear some of the brilliant musicianship associated with the individual members’ projects in that decade. Paul Mann

Carl Palmer Plays Explosive Drum Solo at Chumash Casino Resort

L Paul Mann

The four original members of England’s first super group in the progressive rock genre, Asia, brought their 30th Anniversary tour to the Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez. Although he has eliminated his trademark 360 degree spinning drum set from his days with Emerson Lake and Palmer, his solo on his massive drum kit was just as an intense performance as it was, in the bands hey day. The innovative classical rocker played a brilliant medley of songs, including some of his Yes masterpieces. Palmer’s drum solos are simply some of the best that the rock world has ever offered up. The venue also employed their in house lighting and spectacular video production, feeding their state of the art high definition oversized video screens with astounding images. Many in the audience came to hear the band play their early eighties pop hits, including “Heat of The Moment”, which helped sell ten million copies of their first album in 1982. The master keyboardist lived up to his reputation playing a dizzying array of keyboards, many at the same time. Coming together as Asia, the band produced a host of mostly mellow pop hits and crooning love ballads.

In their 100 minute show November 8th at the resort, the band seemed to offer up a balance between Asia’s soft pop hits and brilliant solos harkening back to the members more heady work in the 70′s, which seemed to appease most fans in the audience


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